The only real reason anyone plays Bomberman games is for the chaotic, awesome multiplayer. Yeah, they include single-player "adventure" modes ... but by and large they're boring and terrible. And playing battle mode against robotically perfect computer AI opponents is equally pretty bad. Bomberman is exclusively a game for having living, breathing, possibly tipsy fellow humans on hand.

On that count - and that count ALONE - Bomberman Generation makes the cut. It offers the standard Bomberman multiplay experience with a good range of modes and options, and more weapons and power-up types than any Bomberman that came before it. Otherwise, the game is kind of chintzy.

The game does have a pretty long "adventure" mode with a story and all that, but it's basically this:

Anyone over the age of 10 or so will get tired of the crappy Saturday anime antics and voice acting in about five minutes, the gameplay is boring, and there's a bunch of tedious mini-games. The other unfortunate bit here is that Majesco/Hudson seemed to forget that a lot of the Bomberman audience got on board with the series in the early 90s on the Turbografx, SNES and Genesis. At the time that this game was released they would have been at least college-aged, if not older. Yet they push this really obnoxious "kiddie" aesthetic in it with some annoying little girl yelling out every menu choice you make and everything you do in Chinpokomon style. If you can put up with that, and don't mind never touching the game in any sort of single-player mode, Generation is a good title to have on your shelf for get-together times.

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