VICTORY RUN / Hudson / Turbografx 16

Victory Run is a pretty blatant knockoff of Sega's Outrun. It does a good job with emulating the engine and feel of that game, but adds an ill-advised "repair system" that is trying. At the outset of each race you have to stock repair parts, of which you can carry only a finite quantity. Parts are destroyed way too easily on the track, being knocked out if you simply don't shift gears fast enough or edge off the track a little bit. Unlike Outrun, the music is completely forgettable, no Magical Sound Shower or Passing Breeze here ... the car doesn't bounce entertainingly when you crash either, nor is there gratuitous babeage in the passenger seat. With F-Zero and the Mario Kart games available on the Virtual Console I see no reason to blow money on this one.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video