SUPER STAR SOLDIER / NEC / Turbografx 16

I find it difficult to write about shooters, or at least difficult to write something *interesting* about most of them, because they're all so samey. Most are designed for a specific category of gamer - the hardcore shooter fan, a breed that originated in Japan but has since spread widely to other countries - and all there really is to say is whether it's accessible to anyone outside of hardcore shooter fans, maybe talk about the graphics and sound a little bit, and there you go.

Super Star Soldier is very much for hardcore shooter fans only. It has a punishing level of difficulty, requires memorization of enemy patterns and where and when to pick up which power-up, and has little to nothing to offer anyone else. The graphics are kind of sparse, with flat low-detail backgrounds and cute but dated looking weapons effects. The music is that typical high-energy Japanese giant robo synthesizer stuff from all shooters of this era. There's a "2 minute" and "5 minute" mode, designed originally for the annual shooter competitions sponsored and held in Japan in the early 90s, but outside of those things there's nothing else to do with the game.

If you are Shooters 4 Life you'll probably like it, if you're a more casual gamer or just not generally into space shooters this one has little to offer you.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video