NEW ADVENTURE ISLAND / Hudson / Turbografx 16

Master Higgins, looking like a smoothly shaved Mario, is just done getting wedded to his girlie when some team of shadow perverts comes down and kidnaps her and a bunch of island children. BURNING WITH FURIOUS REVENGE, Higgins swears to ... skateboard all over every slug on the island or something.

This is basically the exact same formula as the first 3 Adventure Island games for the NES and Super Adventure Island. Those games all quickly bored me to sleep and, not surprisingly this one did too. I'm not going to call it a bad game, however, because clearly there's enough of a group of people out there who like this sort of thing to sustain all these sequels.

So, I'll just say it's something that's to a certain taste. It's a platformer, but the levels are almost entirely flat. You tend to repeat a similar pattern in every level -- run forward, jump something, jump something, get axe, throw it at a guy, throw it at another guy, jump something, etc. You have to continually grab fruit to refresh yourself, and if you collide with an enemy once you're toast. Sometimes skateboards pop up that you can ride, which send you whipping along at a high speed and barely able to control yourself, but are apparently necessary to get through certain segments.

It's all way too repetitive for me ... if you've never played one of these I suggest trying to find a less expensive way than the Virtual Console of checking them out before you drop any cash. The crazy fist shaking animation in the intro is almost worth the price of admission by itself, though.

Videos :

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