DUNGEON EXPLORER / NEC / Turbografx 16

Dungeon Explorer = Gauntlet with a town. Its got the same strengths and weaknesses as Gauntlet - you can have up to five players at at time in this one, but it's also all about repetitively throwing weapons at foes who keep spawning out of generators and that tends to get old fast. You can choose from one of six characters initially, and there's two more unlockable, but since everyone starts with really low health and noone has a melee attack it's like playing Gauntlet with a handicapped version of the Elf no matter who you pick. The towns are a really limited affair - a few houses scattered around, and some castle with King who sends you off on quests. Serious level grindage is required to get anywhere in this one and even when you do power up it's still pretty frustrating. This game has really not aged well at all - only way I can see this being any fun at all is maybe with a group of sloshed friends.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video