DOUBLE DUNGEONS / NCS / Turbografx 16

Dungeon crawls aren't hugely complicated to begin with, but this game has stripped them down to what is nearly a totally automated form. First you input a name, then choose from one of 22 dungeons to crawl in. They're all just numbers on a list, no descriptions, no previews, but that's all good because they're basically all Ye Olde Castle Basemente anyway, some are just larger than others. There's no selection of character classes, not even a shred of a plot, no nothing. You're just dropped into the dungeon at Level 1 with some basic equipment and there you go. You wander around featureless repetitive passageways at a high rate of speed while generic upbeat anime music plays, and frequently get into random battles. When you see a monster ahead you can just turn and walk away and wander about for a bit then come back and hope it's out of the way (they don't follow you), or press the attack. When you get close enough you just sort of start fighting automatically, there's no commands, no nothing. You either push Button I or up to advance the messages and that's it. If you''re a Badder Dude you'll win, if not they'll win, or you can turn and run off. Outside of this all you can do is use the occasional Apple or other healing item when you're wandering around, and occasionaly find some inexplicable shop in the middle of the dungeon staffed by busty blonde who sells weapon and armor upgrades, and that's pretty much the whole extent of the game's interactivity right there. I take it all you do is grind and grind and grind until you're ready to take on the boss of each dungeon.

Only other thing to talk about is two-player mode. Two people can play in a split screen. I'll admit that I didn't try it, because I couldn't find anyone willing to play this junk game with me. I don't see how it could possibly enhance anything, except giving you someone in the room to chat with while you tediously slay Hornets by tapping the same button over and over. I tried to get more info at numerous other websites but all anyone says about the two player mode is that "it doesn't enhance the experience", which leads me to believe that absolutely nobody else who has written about this game has tried it either. Can you fight each other? Do you team up in fights or does one person have to wait politely behind? I have no idea, these things might make the game slightly more interesting, but probably not. Not enough to be salvageable, at the least. Leave this one alone.

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