CHEW MAN FU / Hudson / Turbografx 16

Chew Man Fu is a fun little underlooked action/puzzle game. You take the role of two little Chinese girls who must stop the evil Chew Man Fu of the Egg Roll Empire from stealing all the world's food or something, I'm not sure. The visuals are cute as is the dialouge, in between rounds Smartass Master gives you some tips on how to handle the chumps in the upcoming rounds. Each level takes place on one screen, comparable to games like Adventures of Lolo and Pengo, you roll colored balls around to set them on matching tiles while various enemies roam around the maze and generally try to disrupt your life. The heroes are surprisingly flexible for an old puzzle game like this, you can grab the ball from either side and move backwards with it, as well as roll it around corners without releasing your grip. You can also kick the balls to wipe out foes, and they'll bounce off the opoosite wall of the maze and either come back to you or sometimes careen around corners.

With some 550 (!) levels to work your way through, a two player mode, a goofy little two-player kickball game, and a level editor (though it's kind of limited and not intuitive to use), the game has a solid amount of replay value, and I think it's worth a look.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video