BRAVOMAN / Namco / Turbografx 16

Bravoman is not a good platformer. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It's sort of a Megaman knockoff, but without the great gameplay and level design, and you throw your robotic limbs out in Dhalsim style instead of firing a blaster. It is recommended to some, however, because it is so crazy in that special quirky Japanese poorly translated way that you'll probably keep playing through just to see what bizarre stuff happens next.

The game's villain, Dr. Bomb, is up to something evil so you set out to stop him. Between levels he sort of waves what appears to be a sex toy at you while mumbling "I'm Dr. Bomb" in poorly digitized style over and over again. Each level starts out with some insane proclamation from him, and the levels are filled with all sorts of bizarre dialouge when you hit inanimate objects and when the weird bosses make their entrances and exits. This goes on for 22 solid levels and just tends to get more random as the game goes on, culminating in a hilarious final confrontation and ending.

Most gamers will rightly find this to be a dud but those with a taste for this sort of humor (check out Zany Video Game Quotes for a greater sampling - may actually find it worth the price of admission.

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