BONK'S ADVENTURE / Hudson / Turbografx 16

Bonk is an old Turbografx platformer that was critically hailed back in its day, but every time I tried to play it I never got very far with it and found it quite mediocre.

Bonk was released back in a time where 2D cutesy platformers were all the rage and every game company had to have one. This was NEC's entry. Bonk can attack by butting his giant head, and while jumping he can do a head dive. Both of these attacks are very short range, and negated by anything sharp, so Bonk usually finds himself outclassed by even the most common enemies. He's actually only at his best against the huge boss enemies, where he can rattle off these massive head dive combos since they usually have a large surface area to bounce off of. When Bonk grabs some meat he gains the ability to turn enemies to stone when he head-dives into the ground, but this lasts for literally like less than 2 seconds so unless you're already right next to them you can't do anything with it. Sometimes you find a peice of super-meat which gives you temporary invincibility, and if you slip off of or barely miss a ledge Bonk will (sometimes) grab on with his teeth and allow you to climb back up.

Coming back to it, I find my opinion hasn't changed at all. It's cute, it's colorful, the variety of the levels is nice, but the play control is just too stiff and flaky and the level design is kind of flat and boring.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video