BOMBERMAN '93 / Hudson / Turbografx 16

The story of Bomberman's life - exceptional multi-player, boring single player. No exception here - solo gamers will get little to nothing out of this, but it's a riot for a bunch of people to get together and play as a party game. The gameplay is standard for the series - you're in a square arena, there's rocks and whatnot scattered around, maybe some critters roaming. You drop bombs to try to waste other players, and can uncover upgrades that extend the length of the bomb's explosion and allow you to trigger it remotely among other things. This game has the simpler, cleaner gameplay of the early games in the series before they started throwing in dinosaurs and all this other superfluous weirdness. Up to 5 player support is included with the Wii download version. Cute, colorful, great for get togethers, this is highly recommended to social gamers.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video