Finally, a game that I actually look forward to playing, and just in time to wash the bad taste of Soccer out of my mouth (though I'm still giggling about the cheerleaders). Super Mario World was the original pack-in game for the Super Nintendo and made competing Sega's Genesis pack-in of Altered Beast look like some sort attempt at offending the customer. In fact, with the possible exception of Super Mario 64, I daresay this is the single greatest pack-in title of all time (counting system launches, not later re-releases). I bought my Super NES as some sort of bundle deal with Street Fighter 2, so I traded a friend at school a couple of NES carts (Ninja Gaiden and Contra, if memory serves) to acquire a paint-splattered copy of this game pilfered from some kid that I hated. The excellence of Ninja Gaiden notwithstanding, I still maintain it was quite a decent trade.

A rock solid platformer that gives you many levels to explore in an only semi-linear world map (similar to what was done in Super Mario Bros. 3, but this is one all encompassing world instead of being broken up into levels), with all manner of hidden stuff and multiple paths to take. It's rare to see a first-gen title, let alone a system pack-in, with this level of depth and replayability. It's got a nice soundtrack by Koji Kondo, cute and pleasant sound effects, and some nice colorful graphics with a variety of background scenery to admire as you bop around bumping off turtles and such.The game has a nice incremental increase in difficulty - early on it seems rather easy, as you move inwards the challenge ramps up, but it never gets to the level of controller-breaking frustration (unless you perhaps pursue some of the later bonus levels).

You probably already know that this is a great game though, so I won't drag on. There's no real issues on the Wii, in terms of control or emulation. It's more or less the same experience as on the SNES and the classic controller works out very well for gameplay. Unless you've got it in some other form already, I'd consider this one a must-have.

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