Another space shooter ... one that's highly regarded by shoot-em-up fans, but shoot-em-up fans have like 1500 shooters that they hold in high esteem and a lot of them are pretty much the same thing over and over. Anyway, what's the rundown on R-Type 3? It's really tough. It's one of those "die a bunch of times while memorizing where all the enemies pop out and where the game decides to suddenly slam you into a wall" sort of shooters, basically an exercise in trial and error and requiring rote memorization to get through. It has a pretty cool visual style, nice multiple layer and Mode 7 effects in the levels and during certain boss fights. The Options screen and weapon load-out at the beginning of the game are more than a little confusing and I still haven't quite deciphered what it all means. The music is generic but OK chugging J-Rock, the sound effects are pretty standard and unmemorable. I'm tepid on this one, but I'm not a hardcore shooter fan, and that's really who it's intended for.

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