CLUE / Sculptured Software / Genesis

Clue for Genesis isn't stunning in any way, but it's a perfectly competent vidya game implementation of the classic board game. It gets by mostly on the strength of the original being one of the most cleverly designed board games ever, with a stripped-down but functional interface that doesn't get in your way or do anything weird or dumb.

3 to 6 players participate in hot seat style, any number of which can be the computer instead of a human (with five selectable AI difficulty levels.) You then proceed in turn-based fashion with all the rules of the board game intact. The graphics are about as basic as the interface, but there's some mildly amusing vignettes that take place when you make accusations, and when the murderer is eventually sussed out. Like everything else, the sound is nothing special, but functional and doesn't get on your nerves. There's no music for most of the game.

You can take a peek at your personal cards at any time during your turn, but the game doesn't track revealed information in any way, so each player needs a pen and paper at hand before starting. That, and maybe some more atmosphere and effort in the aesthetic presentation, are the two main things you could wish for here. But this is still a solid choice for a Genesis party game roster.

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