Sword of Vermillion opens with the typical Ye Olde Fantasye story about how the evil kingdom of Crapathia or something burned down the Good Kingdom of Wherever and Sir Wanksalot snuck out the infant royal prince in the middle of the night and now Crapathia is the evil empire opressing the land and the little baby has grown up and discovers his true heritage and sets off on quest to save world because everyone else is a bunch of ineffectual pissants who can't even be bothered to leave town.

The whole theme of the game seems to be "slow" -- slow boring cutscenes that you can't skip at the beginning, slow walking pace of the main character that can't be sped up, slow text scroll as random villagers spout off their useless information. The game basically tries to be a hybrid of three things -- a typical 2D console RPG in the town sections, then a 3D first-person RPG in the overworld and dungeons, and finally an action RPG in combat.

Wait, what's that, action-oriented combat you say? Don't get your hopes up -- if you're thinking you maybe missed out on some brilliant Genesis version of Secret of Mana or something, you haven't. Combat is a mess where your clunky knight rambles around doing Tomahawk Chop with his sword, and the short range makes for weird collision detection. It doesn't push enemies back either, so unless they voluntarily turn back basically a group of strong enemies can plow you to the ground in seconds. Enemies that are stronger than you seem to charge and try to gang rape you, while weaker ones just sort of scurry around in random directions and force you to chase them all over the screen to kill them.

The plot is boring, graphics mediocre, combat a mess. The game is just full of little slipshod programming moments, like in caves you have to light a candle to be able to see - which is fine, except candles burn out with no warning whatsoever and there's really nothing by which to gauge how much time they burn for, so you just sort of have to pile up your inventory with them at all times or else wind up dumped in the dark in the middle of a dungeon and having to reset to your last save since it's nearly impossible to stumble out without being able to see anything. Just a lot of little touches like that that show that Sega really didn't care much about this one, they apparently though having some hybrid engine with clunky action battles was good enough on its own. This game is a real peice of crap, please don't spend money on it.

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