STREETS OF RAGE / Sega / Genesis

Streets of Rage kinda drew its popularity not so much from being a great game in and of itself, but that it was a pretty good Final Fight clone at a time that Final Fight (and arcade beat-em-ups in general) were really hot at the arcades but not many were available for home systems. As such, it's aged kind of poorly - the repetitive beating of cloned punks gets kind of old kind of quick, though the game does have good pacing, and a decent assortment of weapons and moves. Among beat-em-ups it's still one of the better ones, helped largely by the cool techno/rave/trance/whatever soundtrack that Yuzo Koshiro crafted using what little strengths the poor Genesis sound chip had. Not bad, but $8 seems a little high for it .... maybe if you've got another person to consistently do two-player games with.


Videos :

* Gameplay Video