SPACE HARRIER 2 / Sega / Genesis


The original Space Harrier was one of Yu Suzuki's early experiments with 3D gaming in the 1980s, a popular and fairly fun game that set the camera behind a cannon-toting spaceman and rushed you ever forward into a stream of oncoming enemies and obstacles. Space Harrier 2 was crafted as a port of this game to the Genesis, with some extra levels thrown in. Unfortunately, the Genesis hardware can't quite keep up with the arcade original, and it wound up being an inferior version that was hard to enjoy. The main problem is that the enemies and projectiles have only four or five frames from the background to the foreground that your character occupies, and this causes a couple of problems. It makes the game look choppy, first of all, and it also makes it difficult to see and respond to enemy projectiles. They'll often line themselves up with you to fire, your body blocks out the tiny projectile in it's first two or three layers from the background, and you literally don't see it until it's hitting you in the face in the foreground. Though you can begin the game at any level (including the final one), the options menu has been obtusely hidden on the title screen (you have to hold right and push A) which may cause many players to never realize that they can crank the difficulty down and increase Harrier's slow rate of fire. This port wasn't all that great to begin with, and the passage of time certainly hasn't helped it along at all.

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