COLUMNS / Sega / Genesis

Columns is a Tetris clone, and quite honestly not even one of the better ones, though it really isn't a bad game. Still, it's a personal favorite of mine, because for some reason or another the combination of the falling colored gems and the relaxing background music track "Clothos" puts me into this Zen-like meditative state where I lose all sense of everything ... when I come to I'm usually on like level 70 and I have millions of points. It's strange, and doesn't happen with any other games. I've asked around and no one else seems to have that experience though, so I'm in the weird position of liking the game but not really feeling that I should reccommend it.

It just has the one mode of play that just goes on forever until you either get overwhelmed or decide to quit, no multiplayer, no bonuses, no bells and whistles. You can give it a spin and see if it has the same restful effect on you that it does on me, but I won't be surprised to hear that you just got bored and turned it off by level 5.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video