ALTERED BEAST / Sega / Genesis

The original Sega Genesis pack-in game that had you WISEING FROM YOUR GRAVE and shuffling forward to stiffly punch zombies and wolves, Altered Beast is basically a junk game that traded on its visuals (which look like crap now, but as this was the first 16-bit title available to play on a home console it was impressive simply by comparison then) and its occasional burst of staticy digitized speech ("Velcome To Your Doom!").

The gameplay is sort of derived from the formula of mid 80s arcade games like Kung Fu Master, which was already an obsolete mechanic at the time that Altered Beast hit shelves. The game is very stiff and clunky. The idea of powering up into beasts is a nice idea but it's executed poorly. You don't get the beast transformation until near the end of each level, and once you do you're basically invincible until you get to the boss. However, if you reach the Boss without the beast power-up you're stuck in some endless loop of doing the whole level over again until you manage to hit all the speedy white wolves that carry the things.

The game also features annoying sound, no story to speak of, overly high difficulty in its later levels and a lack of anything approaching a satisfying conclusion with a ridiculous last boss and a lame-ass ending. Another false classic -- don't revive it with your cash, let this one molder in the grave.

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