Alex Kidd was Sega's original attempt at a mascot before Sonic, and though they released a slew of games featuring him his sort of bland elfy design and the fact that none of his games were very good kept him from catching on. Now he's in the Old Mascot's Retirement Home.

Anyway, this particular outing has Alex going to some planet called Paperock where apparently the whole socio-political and economic system centers around playing rock-paper-scissors. Alex can punch and take huge floaty jumps, he'll scroll through rather flat levels jumping cars and chickens and I don't know what else, and occasionally stomping in the ground to find hidden treasure chests in caverns below.

It's quirky and kind of cute, but the level design is pretty boring and the play control is a little too slippery to be really enjoyable. Alex dies in a meager one hit (which happens way too often), and the random rock-paper-scissor games all over the place are mostly pointless because they are not necessary to advance at all and the computer wins nearly all of them no matter what you do anyway. Forcing you to play rock-paper-scissors in the boss encounters is really cheap, because it essentialy turns them into a random game of chance. The music is also really repetitive and irritating. Some really bad game design decisions are on display here, and I recommend you take a pass on this one.                                                                

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