Torus Trooper is another one of Kenta Cho's stable of freeware shooters with neat visual effects, but it breaks from his usual "bullet hell" style to craft something that is more like a meeting of F-Zero and Tempest with a standard vertical shooter.

The game puts you in a seemingly endless series of tubes - possibly the internets, I'm not sure - around which you can rotate. Usually you're in half or 3/4 pipes and sometimes they split into different branches, when they do that you can't fly off the edge but are simply pushed over gradually to one side or the other. The focus isn't so much on shooting as it is on dodging the heck of wireframe projectiles that keep coming your way - while there's a slew most of the time, it doesn't hit "bullet hell" proportions, and you're free to dodge on the fly rather than being expected to memorize shooting patterns of enemy ships.

The pace is crisp, the graphics are fairly simple but allow for a game of fairly epic length for a little freeware shooter, the techno-rock soundtrack is somewhat on the generic side but suitable to the action.

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