6 DAYS A SACRIFICE / Yahtzee Croshaw / PC

This entry in Yahtzee's Chzo series of adventure games takes place at a midpoint between prequels 5 Days and 7 Days, and outlines the adventures of some hapless government inspector as he barges into the headquarters of Sciento Optimology, a fine organization that turns out to be a cult dedicated to the revival of the demonic forces responsible for all the stabbiness in the previous games.

I think Ben ran into the Kojima Conundrum with this apparent final entry into the series; I don't think he either intended the series to ever go on for this long, nor did he sketch out the four games in their completeness at any point prior to making this one. So he winds up in a situation where he basically makes up more and more ludicrous, outlandish and needlessly complex plot elements and twists until it's all such a jumble you just don't really want to be bothered with it anymore. That was my feeling on it, anyway. 

It is easily the most complex of the point-and-click entries in terms of both structure and plot, and probably the most polished overall, but for a series that relies so heavily on the story to carry your interest I thought it was a disappointing conclusion. Your mileage may vary.

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