7 DAYS A SKEPTIC / Yahtzee Croshaw / PC

This chapter in the series gives a nod to both Michael Chricton's "Sphere" and the space chapter of Japanese SNES game Live A Live. Four hundred years after the events of the previous game, a spacecraft from the Earth Federation sets out to explore a nearby galaxy. They soon come across an object floating in space, and haul it aboard. As it turns out, it's the demonic idol that Trilby thoughtfully launched into space to keep it from exercising its powers on anyone. The foolish crew naturally starts playing with it immediately, and stabby space madness ensues.

The point-and-click interface is refined here from that of prequel 5 Days, and works a bit better. Instead of the cumbersome amount of clicking required in bringing up a menu, choosing an action and then applying that action, you simply click on an object in this one and it gives you a list of actions and inventory items to use. While this made the game flow a little more smoothly, it also simplified the puzzles even more. Still, I thought the writing and pacing was tighter in this installment than any of the others, and on the whole it was my personal favorite.

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* Download (Yahtzee's official site)

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