As young kids in elementary school, when the Mega Man games were first coming out, we used to frequently wonder what would happen if you dropped all the Mega Man robot monsters into an arena all at once and had them fight it all out. Who would come out victorious?

Rockman 2 Neta takes us one step closer to that beautiful childhood dream. Programmed by some anonymous Japanese dude, the game is basically a recreation of Mega Man 2, except there is only one battle: a fully loaded Mega Man versus all eight robot masters, all at once.

The funny thing is, the robot masters seem to be able to damage each other. Even with that the game is ridiculously hard. As you play, you gradually unlock more energy tanks, and some other stuff that I can't tell what it is because the menu is all in Japanese. It is actually doable with two energy tanks, some guy has a video up on Youtube proving it. With enough energy tanks and judicious spamming of Air and Metal Man's weapons I'd imagine anyone could repeat that success, but I personally haven't done it yet.

Yeah, it's a gimmick, but a pretty great one. Guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of Mega Man fans

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