Platform : The Game is a Flash game with a passing similarity to the classic Lost Vikings games for the PC and Amiga. It consists of 33 levels, one of which was released weekly up until the end of January 2008 (all of the levels are now available in the site's archives).

You have to guide two guys (who kind of look like Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade) through a series of bizarre deathmazes, full of traps such as spinning saw blades, moving platforms and laser beams. Neither of the two remembers how they got into this odd maze, or what is going on, and as the game progresses they gradually try to piece the mystery together as they work their way through the increasingly complex traps.

All the guys are able to do is jump, basically, but they can scale walls by repeatedly jumping. You control one at a time, and switch between them by pressing the space bar. Timing is crucial as one guy will often have to flip a switch that lowers a platform or opens a door for another guy, who must then move on to press another switch before the original is killed by some approaching trap.

The game is inventive and fun; the only nitpick is that the movement of the characters is very slidey and imprecise, and the jumps are awfully floaty and sometimes hard to accurately control. This leads to a lot of deaths that really don't need to happen.

The controls could stand some tightening, but this is definitely an interesting experimental game that is worth checking out.

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