NANACA CRASH / Helgoland / PC

Nanaca Crash is a great Flash game about some psycho girl on a bike who runs into a guy, sending his carcass gruesomely bouncing along the sidewalk. You control the angle of the initial collision, and the goal is to launch the guy as far as you possibly can.

There are people standing along the length of the sidewalk that have different effects when you collide with them. Some will give you a boost, or change your trajectory. Others will slow you down, or even bring you to a total stop.

You can also execute a "special" move when you hit a certain combination of characters. When you see the word "special" on the screen, you have about a second to click the mouse, and if you pull it off in time you'll get a tremendous boost from up to four characters that can send you soaring into the stratosphere.

It sounds simple, but the goofy graphics and sounds combined with the random gameplay makes it rather addictive.

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