I assume the game's name is "Lonely House-Moving", given that it's the only English on the page. On the surface it appears to be a simple Flash game - at the outset, we see a young boy and a young girl sadly waving goodbye to one another as the girl hops in a truck packed with household goods, presumably moving from the neighborhood and away from the poor boy forever. Just after the truck pulls off, however, the boy apparently decides he just can't live without the girl, and starts running after the truck like he's never run before, to the tune of some pretty, twangy country guitar music.

You move the boy back and forth, and jump using the space bar, to avoid obstacles as you pursue the truck. While you can run right up to the bumper of the truck, you seemingly can't climb on board or get the attention of the girl, and apparently must simply keep running until enough junk falls off the truck that the girl looks backwards and takes notice.

Aside from random goods and furniture that spring free from the bed of the truck, you've also got malicious crows taking dives at you and trying to poop on your head, reckless cyclists, and animals popping out of the ground to contend with. You have some allies, however - food sometimes gets dislodged from the back of the truck, and a mysterious old man occasionally pops out of the fields in the background to toss you some corn and keep your strength up.

Personally, I've only been able to last a few minutes in this game. However, the sun gradually continues to set as you play, and the truck gradually becomes less and less encumbered, so it's possible that if you endure for long enough the lonely lovers can be reunited with each other. I like to think so, anyway. The possibility of running forever with nothing in store other than an inevitable roadside death is really just too grim for me to contemplate.

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