Tierra Entertainment's King's Quest 1 is a straight-ahead remake of Sierra's original King's Quest game, which sent brave and loyal knight Sir Graham out to save the surprisingly small and uninhabited land of Daventry from unspecified (but very evil) forces.

Unlike the original version, which forced you to type in commands (and sometimes struggle with the game's limited vocabulary), this version uses a mouse-driven interface almost identical to that used from King's Quest 5 onwards. The whole look and feel of a Sierra title is marvelously replicated, down to the traditional King's Quest title screen and the appearance of the menus and dialog boxes.

This remake is actually a remake of a remake - Sierra themselves remade this game in the early 1990s, but it was stil 16 colors only and nothing approaching the quality of Tierra's version. It's important to note, though, because Sierra's remake featured a few extra scenes and changed the solution of at least one puzzle - Tierra's remake hews to the later version of the game in this respect. It also features professional sounding remixes of the soundtrack created for Sierra's own remake.

Aside from one bug where I would walk off the side of the screen and have the game totally freeze, the game played very smoothly and, had it been released in the mid-1990s, probably could have passed for a commercial product from a major studio. Very impressive work by the Anonymous Game Designers.

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