GRAND THEFT AUTO 2 / Rockstar / PC

Grand Theft Auto 2 punts the series into the near future, in a sort of cyberpunkish version of what looks like London (or some major European city). The cars have a slightly futuristic sort of look to them, but otherwise, the core gameplay and engine are fundamentally the same as they were in the prequel.

GTA 2 adds a much-wanted save feature, although it has some limitations (it requires a fairly hefty chunk of money to utilize, and you have to drive to a specific location to do it). This was also the first of the series to have multiple criminal gangs that you can work for. Unlike later games, however, most of the gangs are available to you right from the beginning, and your relationships with them can fluctuate back and forth as you take their missions.

The game is more or less identical to the previous. Those just looking for more of the same with a few small improvements will be pleased, but if you wanted a major step forward this isn't it. The graphics and audio quality are improved, there's a little more to do, and the save feature is a much-needed addition, but beyond that it's really more like an extra levels pack. Not necessarily a bad thing, that, especially considering that it's now 100% free.

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