Alien Breed was a series of action titles that were pretty big on the Amiga, but not so much anywhere else. I believe the first one did get a PC port, but didn't seem to attract much of a following on any other platform but the one it started on.

Really a shame, because it's a simple but fun take on Gauntlet and Alien Syndrome that is better than both of those titles in many ways. You're some doomed Space Marine locked up in a ship taken over by Aliens, who look suspiciously like something from a movie I saw once. Anyway, there's an infinite supply of these aliens, and they like to spawn just off the edge of the screen totally at random. Space Marine is equipped with a pretty good machine gun that'll take out an alien in about five shots, but he starts off with a pretty limited amount of ammo, and you'll have to scrounge more as you explore the ship. You'll also need plenty of keys to open locked doors, of which you'll encounter no shortage. You can also pick up credits, which are deposited in various vending machines about the ship to purchase even better weapons, ammo refills, keys and health refills.

Admittedly, I've never played the original games, but I watched some footage of the Amiga versions on Youtube and this port looks extremely faithful in terms of graphics and gameplay. Of course, it's on the PC, which is convenient. Not many of those Amigas hooked up to the internets these days, I'd venture to guess.

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