OCARINA OF TIME / Nintendo / Nintendo 64

Here's another game I'm not exactly bursting at the seams with things to say about. If somehow you're unfamiliar with it, suffice to say it's widely argued that it's the greatest video game ever made. I don't know what else I can add to the pile of text already devoted to this game, so let's just focus in on how the Wii VC version holds up.

There's some positives and some negatives. The mysterious texture smoothing power that the Wii exercised on Mario 64 is also present here, making the game look crisper. And otherwise, the emulation is very solid with almost no noticeable lag or jankiness. However, on the negative side, the Stone of Agony (a bonus item obtained by redeeming 20 gold skulltula tokens) has been effectively removed from the game since there is no support for vibration in any of the Wii's controllers (though this has very little practical effect on the game as it was kind of an obscure bonus thing anyway that was rarely all that helpful). This is also the censored version 1.2 of the game - the final boss spews green blood instead of red and references potentially upsetting to Muslims such as the Islamic Shahadah prayer call in the Fire Temple's music (hear the original version here if you care to - http://www.flyingomelette.com/gamemusic/mp3download_l.html) and the crescent moon symbols used by the Gerudo have been altered. To be fair, none of these removals significantly impacts the gameplay at all.

Ocarina of Time is already available on the Gamecube (and thus by extension the Wii) on two seperate discs, but neither was a regular retail release - the Wind Waker pack which contains Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask was given only to those who pre-ordered that game, and the Zelda Collection disk (with the first two Zelda games as well as Ocarina, Majora's Mask and the Ocarina of Time Master Quest) was sent out as a gift to gamers who diligently returned their Nintendo warranty registration cards in 2003. The Zelda Collection disk is the premier version to have, but a quick skim of ebay auctions show it closing at over $40 and the Wind Waker package seems to be going for a little over $30, so if you just want to play Ocarina and nothing else this may be a much more economical way to do it at only $10.

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