MARIO 64 / Nintendo / Nintendo 64

Wahoo! Mario 64 was the first really good 3D platformer, and is one of a very small handful of games in the genre that managed to do just about everything right (except the camera, but extra slack granted here as it was literally the first attempt.) As a bonus, the Wii VC port features better graphics - or at least they display better, looking much crisper than they did back on the ol' N64. This version allows you to play with the Gamecube controller, which works out really well for Mario 64's button setup, and molesting Mario's face at the beginning will undoubtedly give you a warm nostalgic feeling. It's rare to go wrong with a Mario platform game and this is no exception - and after that string of crap I just played I'm glad I can finally unequivocally recommend something!

Videos :

* Gameplay Video