The plot is the usual thing, April has been kidnapped by Shredder who also has fiendish evil plans to rule/destroy the city and et cetera. The game is broken up into levels, but some of these levels are somewhat non-linear in nature. There's an overhead map of the city that you move the Turtles through in such levels, and they can pop into buildings and sewers which are side-scrolling areas. Some of the buildings and sewers contain health refills or special weapons, and there's a couple of spots where you can recover a Turtle who has been "captured" (died). You've got all four Turtles at your disposal and can switch between them at any time, and each has a separate health bar. There are slight differences between them, in terms of the range and power of their weapons.

Handled properly, this could have been a really good game. However, thanks to sloppy play control and level design, the game is a nightmare to play. The levels are full of cheap-hitting enemies who constantly respawn when you walk off the screen and back on. There's a number of sections where you have to make some really finicky jumps over pits, and falling down them means plowing through a bunch of respawned enemies over and over as you try to figure out the nuances of how to do it. It's got shoddy hit detection - your field is a bit bigger than your character and a lot of the enemies are quite a bit larger than their sprites.

If you didn't play this one back in the day and are worried that you might have missed out on something ... don't be.

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