One of the first action/puzzle games to hit the arcades, and this port of the NES version is faithful exception of graphics and sound quality. You're a little Bilbo Baggins-lookin' wizard dude who has the power to create and destroy brown blocks right in front of him, to jump a little bit, and to shoot fireballs that skitter along the ground and walls once they have been picked up. The game drops you into a series of rooms where you have to figure out how to use these powers to get to an exit. Often there are monsters of course, and you sometimes have to grab a key first to open the exit door.

The game leans a little heavier towards action and reflexes than strategy. A timer ticks down in each room so you have to work fast to figure out how to pass all the obstacles. Essentialy, each room is just figuring out what the proper sequence of moves is and then getting the timing down in executing them. Though some of the puzzles are crazy hard, the game is lenient in giving you infinite continues (seemingly, anyway, I didn't exhaust mine).

Don't expect much from the graphics and repetitive music (though you can tell the Ninja Gaiden/Tecmo Super Bowl guy did it), but this is actually a decent little game and quite possibly worth it.

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