FIGHTER MAKER / Agetec / Playstation

It's important to note that Fighter Maker delivers strictly and to the letter what it advertises - you're making individual fighters, not a cohesive fighting game as a whole. Basically, if you and a friend want to whip up two custom fighters in an engine roughly on par with the first Virtua Fighter or Tekken and set them against each other, that's what this is for.

The cursory "single player mode" tossed in lets you know exactly what you can expect. It has a roster of about 14 or so prefab characters that don't even seem to have names. There's no story, no cutscenes, no endings. You go through a series of six fights against random opponents, then its back to the title screen with no fanfare whatsoever.

If you want to wrangle with actual Fighter Making, the first major disappointment is that there's no CAW mode; you can't create a custom character appearance. All you can do is take one of those 14 (or whatever) prefab fighters and alter all their moves using the Edit Mode. Altering a move simply involves editing the sequence of frames involved. For each frame, you can give each individual body part a position along three different axes. That sounds simple enough sitting here in text, but the weird wireframe menus and AutoCAD numerical values sitting in front of you will confuse all but the most hardy explorers into submission (at least without an accompanying manual.)

Between the pointless single-player mode and the overly-complicated-yet-still-too-limited character creation, this game is left with little real value except for intentionally creating characters that fly around doing spazzy, crazy moves. Which is some fun and hilarity, I grant, but probably not enough to merit sinking in the time that this game requires.

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