Long time gamers probably won't be able to help but have a warm feeling at the sight of the first Zelda game's clumsily translated introduction ("Many years ago Prince Darkness GANNON stole the Triforce with power!") and scrolling list of "All Of Treasures", and that's exactly how Nintendo intends to reach into your pocket and fish out five bucks in spite of this game being emulated far and wide, re-released for the GBA, included as a bonus in Animal Crossing, mailed out to people who diligently filled out warranty cards for Gamecube products as part of the Zelda collection disc, and even ported to the PC with enhanced graphics and map editing in the form of Armageddon Games' "Zelda Classic". The Wii version may well be the most convenient and accessible to casual gamers however, this port is pretty much perfect, and I guess $5 isn't too much to ask for a classic adventure that still stands up in the gameplay department today.

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