The Kirby series is one of the best in platform gaming, but it's always been sort of given short shrift by Nintendo. Gamers are more likely to have become familiar with Kirby through the Super Smash Brothers games rather than his own, owing to the way in which Nintendo has released and promoted them. Though they were all critically acclaimed the first two Kirby's Dream Land games were kind of buried on the original Game Boy, Kirby's Adventure was one of the last games released in the dying days of the NES, and Kirby's Dream Land 3 was the second-to-last game released for the SNES before it was retired.

Kirby's Adventure is actually the second Kirby game, a follow-up to the original Kirby's Dream Land for Gameboy, and is a wonderful platformer. There's certainly nothing wrong with this version of the game (except perhaps being a bit too easy and too short, as the whole Kirby series was envisioned as a sort of "beginner's platformer"), but it should be noted that this game was re-released a couple years ago for the Game Boy Advance under the title Nightmare in Dreamland, and that version contains some really beautiful updated graphics as well as a few more gameplay modes and powers. If you have a GBA or DS the Advance version is really the version of choice for playing this, but if all you've got in front of you is the Wii Virtual Console I certainly wouldn't consider this a waste of money.

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