KID ICARUS / Nintendo / NES

Kid Icarus is one of those sacred cows to some retrogamers. I've never understood the appeal, even as a child (with a much higher tolerance for jankiness in video games) I still couldn't stand this one. It's a game that seems designed more around frustrating you than giving you a good time. It punishes any little tiny slip of the fingers, usually with instant death and a lot of backtracking.

The story, for those unfamiliar - you are an angel named Pit, on a quest to ... do something, I never got anywhere near the end of this one so I'm not really sure what. You scroll up these interminable levels, and once you've scrolled the playfield off the bottom of the screen it turns into a deathly Void. Even if there was a platform just a centimeter under the edge of the screen, touch the bottom and you die. It doesn' t help that the game is basically one long jumping contest from narrow platform to narrow platform (often iced over, so if you press the wrong way you go skidding to your demise) and there's a never-ending string of flying enemies that hover just out of your reach and constantly dive-bomb you. About the only positive thing I can say about this game is that the soundtrack by Hip Tanaka is cool and kind of reminiscent of Metroid.

In what almost seems a slap in the face to gamers, Nintendo went in and cut out all the old cheat passwords .... stuff like DANGER TERROR HORROR that was about the only thing that could render the game playable. So Nintendo, what you're saying with this is that you can go into these emulated games to excise stuff, but you can't fix slowdown issues or restore missing functionality to other games? Thanks a lot, buds. Great effort.

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