Elevator Action was a cute little arcade release, albeit with a lot of gameplay flaws. The NES port did nothing to address those flaws, and in fact downgraded the game in several areas. Now, here we have it on the Wii.

At the outset of each game your Bondish sort of super spy character rappels onto the top of some skyscraper and lets himself in via elevator ... you now have to make your way down through floors of black suited villains while stopping in any red doors you see to pilfer secret documents. You can shoot, jump, duck and of course ride the ubiquitous elevators, which can be used to crush hapless foes who wander into the wrong spot (but of course can also be turned against you).

The arcade version wasn't the zippiest game around, but this one feels slowed down even more. The graphics are comparable, and the music might actually be a little bit more listenable here, though it's the same fifteen second tune over and over again until your ears bleed. There was a major gameplay issue with the dude not wanting to go in doors and up onto escalators unless you had him lined up *just so* in some finicky obscure way, and that problem has not been addressed in this one at all. Wandering around shooting the baddies and watching them stupidly crush themselves with the elevator is some brain-dead fun for a bit, but doesn't hold up for very long.

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