DONKEY KONG JR. / Nintendo / NES


This follow-up to Donkey Kong is actually a little bit more fun than its predecessor, but still only has four basic levels that just repeat over and over again. DK Jr. first must climb a series of vines to rescue his father (cruelly caged by the sinister Mario in a role reversal) while dodging some sort of piranha things, then negotiate a series of chains and floating platforms while being dive-bombed by crazy birds, then jump through a factory filled with sparking floors (and some techno burbling sound effects that sound like something out of Metroid), finally winding up in a showdown where he must push keys to the top of ropes to knock the floor out from under the evil plumber. It's all a little faster paced and more interesting than the original Donkey Kong, yet you're in for serious letdown when you complete the first series of four levels and find that it's just the exact same thing over again. Probably not worth paying for.

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