DONKEY KONG / Nintendo / NES

How High Can You Get? Well, actually, that scene isn't in this version of the game, so please disregard. Monkey Dong is still a decent old time, though I'd much rather have the arcade version with its slightly sharper graphics and goofy sound effects and unintentional references to drug use. This NES port is a pretty passable version, though, including the three levels found in the arcade version. You cycle through these three level types endlessly, until you get tired of playing and retreat, with the only overall goal being to rack up as high of a score as possible. While it's some basic fun for a little bit, it gets old pretty fast. Probably not worth paying to download, though the Virtual Console price being asked is a lot more close to being reasonable that the $20 they wanted for it as a standalone game for the GBA.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video