Banana Prince has a simple enough setup, but initially the gameplay is confusing. You're on this tropical island where apparently everyone worships bananas and can't stop talking about them. But then this jerk dragon steals the biggest banana, so Banana Prince goes after him in typical platformer style. Except, once in control, it seems that he can only jump a tiny height, not nearly enough to reach all the tempting rings hovering around, or even clear an early wall.

As it turns out, you have to press down+attack to plant a seed, which grows into a temporary beanstalk you can climb. But rather than acting as a solid platform, it just allows you to elevate a bit then do some forward rolling jump, so I still don't understand how you're supposed to get the treasure chests at the tops of the trees on the very first screen (there's a power-up that makes it grow more, but you can't scroll backwards once you're off a screen.)

Even once you understand all the subtle mysteries of bananas and beanstalks, the game is still a sub-par platformer with choppy and clunky control. You're also assaulted with these bizarre trivia quizzes constantly; I know this is a fan translation so I can't fault the original designers, but the questions and answers often make no sense at all and it's just pure guesswork to get through them.

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