Bless TOTA's heart, it tries to be like one of the "big boy" console Tenchu games. It even copies a whole bunch of its art, music and sound assets from 2003's Wrath of Heaven and goes for a similar gameplay style. The devs seemingly couldn't entirely find their way around the technical and control limitations of the PSP, however, and what we get here just feels like a watered-down and clumsier rehash of the PS2 games.

Gameplay is the key problem here. With only one nubbie, you can't move the camera freely as you can in the "big boy" games. The only way to get out of the pre-selected camera angles and look about you is to stop dead, crouch, then you can use the L shoulder button to verrrry sloooowwwlly drag the first-person perspective around. You descend stiffly and slowly for some reason too, like you have a parachute on, making leaping from rooftops onto an enemy look like a joke and play like a real chore.

The game also has really short draw distances, and enemies that are at a 60 or 70 "closeness" rating often still can't be seen in the pitch blackness of the yet-unrendered background ... but they can see YOU, leading to a lot of alarms from off the screen before you can fairly be expected to have any idea what's going on.

Tenchu came out really early in the PSP life cycle (it was a launch game in Japan) and it shows. The inexpertise with the controls and programming the hardware makes it little more than a pale imitation of the PS2 games.

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