TRIP WORLD / Sunsoft / Gameboy

Trip World starts out with a cutscene that looks strangely inspired by Ninja Gaiden's famous duel, except ... it's evil bunny versus Sage Hamster? Once we're past that, however, the actual in-game action is a platformer more inspired by the Kirby games it seems.

Your unnamed bunny hero has only a mild karate kick at his disposal initially, but can also transform into two other forms by pressing up or down with the attack button - a fish for traversing water areas, and a Bunnycopter that can send you straight up. To gain more offensive power, you have to find power-up items throughout the level that give you new abilities for a limited time, such as hucking a seed that plants a flower of peace in the heads of foes and makes them stop fighting.

Trip World makes the odd design choice of not having enemies harm you on contact, only when they execute some sort of actual attack that connects with you. Between this and the wide-open nature of most rooms, the game is a breeze to just blow through, and I'm not sure if it was intended for really young kids exclusively. There are a few boss battles that are a decent challenge, but the game's five levels are over with relatively little sweat and toil in not much time, leaving nothing else to do with the game. Still, it has great sprite work and music, and the unusual style of it might make it worth a look at a low price.

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