JAWS UNLEASHED / Majesco / Playstation 2

Jaws: Unplayable Mess.

This is really a pretty good concept, and the first level is actually a blast. You play as the great beast with his pearly whites, and in the first level you're in a small section of ocean and shoreline learning the controls via a tutorial mode. This part is great because you learn the controls by way of smashing up boats, eating people and eventually taking out a bunch of piers. The camera and control are a touch on the janky side, but no worries as of yet.

Unfortunately, by the second level, it's all gone to shit. You get captured in a cut-scene and brought to some research lab, and immediately have to escape from a pen where your health is being slowly drained by divers in cages with spear guns. Unfortunately, now that you're in an enclosed environment, the camera and control jank problems are magnified 100x. To make it even worse, you have to use Jaws' really janky and arbitrary "jump up on land" attack to grab a scientist, then somehow hold on to them long enough to drag their carcass over to a security door to open it. I threw myself at this segment unsuccessfully for almost 30 minutes then said fuck it.

Apparently the rest of the game is semi-open-world style? I can't see it being worth the trouble of trying to hammer your way through the opening bullshit, though. Certainly not with the slowly rotating camera, jerky controls, and clipping and getting stuck in solid objects all over the place. This should have been so much better. What the hell, Majesco. This is nearly as bad as the NES game.

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