TUNNEL RUNNER / CBS Electronics / Arcade

Playing Tunnel Runner is like having a horrible nightmare after a binge of Pac-Man and pizza at the local pizza parlor.

You're dropped into a maze and have to first find a key, then find the door out. Patrolling the maze, however, are Pac-looking monsters intent on eating your face if they spot you. The maze is entirely first-person 3D, and it represents some pretty good programming for the time - you can speed up by holding the stick forward to run, slow down and stop by holding it backwards, and there's a map screen that can be displayed at any time (but leaves you vulnerable to the monsters, who continue to move about while you look at it) by pushing the button.

I didn't think the system was even capable of this, and it's pretty impressive for a 1983 console game. Ultimately the game is a little too easy due to the map screen (which basically must be used given the sameiness of the walls and floors of the maze), but it still stands out amidst the sea of crap on the 2600 and the menacing little ditty that increases in volume as a monster gets close is a great touch.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video