ROCKMAN 8 FC / Mend / PC

Rockman 8 FC gets an NR because I can't get the goddamn controller to work, and the game is impossible trying to play with a keyboard. With Rockman 7 FC a few years ago, I was still using my old Saitek pad, and the game didn't autodetect it, so I used Joy2Key to successfully patch in support and all was well. Rockman 8 DOES try to autodetect a pad, but jams up both my Xbox 360 pad and my old Saitek so that all the buttons do bizarre things, like Up-Right = B and stuff that just makes the game completely unplayable. And Joy2Key doesn't work because it conflicts with that and makes even more of a mess. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming there IS a way to make it playable with a pad, but I can't figure it out because all the menus and readme are in Japanese.

Even if it were playable, though, I'd be a bit concerned, and it probably wouldn't get as glowing a review as 7 FC did. I felt 7 FC worked so well because Mega Man 7's primary misstep was scaling up sprite size without balancing the playfield accordingly; it was like they just scaled everything up, but then realized that didn't work very well because it limited your view and your available area to manuever in, so to compensate they just slowed the whole game down, and it ended up just total balls on the whole. 7 FC stripped that back down to proper NES sizing (with some minor tweaking of levels) and suddenly the game was really enjoyable. Mega Man 7's problems were oriented on one key design decision, and perhaps to some degree the aesthetics; Mega Man 8 suffers from different problems. The sprite sizing, general aesthetics and gameplay in 8 were actually all pretty good, 8's main problem was that it adopted Mega Man X-style level design. And I don't mean the first Mega Man X, I mean the bad ones, the ones filled with non-stop cheap "gotcha" deathtraps that are usually indiscernible until you've run into them face-first and died at least once. For example, it's hard to find a pit in 8 FC that you can jump in which the middle of your jump will not be suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by some asshole jumping out of the pit, or some flying dude cruising in from the top of the screen suddenly and bombarding you with shit. I felt certain levels of Mega Man 8 were annoying and cheap, but I don't actually remember there being THIS many annoying deathtraps in it, so I think unfortunately Mend listened to the overly vocal "ZOMG I M SO HURDCORE AT ACSHION GAMES MAKE IT HARDERRRR FOR MY AUTISTIC SKILLZ" crowd that seems drawn to the Mega Man series, and actually cranked *up* the cheap MMX-style bullshit design.

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