TASK FORCE / Froggo / Atari 2600

Task Force is an oddball first-person shooting game somewhat similar to Hogan's Alley ... I'd call it an early precursor, but apparently it came out in 1987 so I think it's more of a cheap knockoff.

Anyway, doods pop up in what appears to be randomly generated windows. You know they're bad because they're wearing trenchcoats, so blast 'em before they blast you. They stand around for an epic long time before returning fire at first, but things get faster as the game progresses. Taking a shot from them usually doesn't seem to kill you, but every now and then some crazy anarchist guy appears at the top of a screen with a firebomb, and if you let him huck it it's instant game over.

Not the worst game on the 2600, certainly, but it doesn't stay entertaining much beyond a few minutes.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video