CANABALT / Beatshapers / PSP

In Canabalt, you play as some dude in a suit, fleeing a high-rise office in a modern city (apparently due to World War 3 popping off in the background). The game auto-scrolls to the right constantly, and your only interaction with it is to press any button to jump when confronted with pits. Chunks of terrain are randomly arranged in front of you in each play session, and the only goal is to run for as long as possible without falling to your unpleasant death.  

So, uh ... "repetitive" is definitely a fair word to use here. Apparently this was like one of the founding fathers of a genre called "infinite run", however, which has its fans. My take is that it's going to be very hit-or-miss, as I was tired of it after ten minutes. Apparently it started life as a free browser game, so there's that to check out before you drop a ducat or two on it.

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