SPIDER-MAN / Parker Brothers / Atari 2600

The very first Spider-Man game ever licensed actually attempts to work within the constraints of the Atari 2600's limitations in a creative way, focusing on Spider-Man's chief power - his webs. It doesn't quite succeed in making a fun game, but hey, they tried. Spider-Man scales a giant building, which is peppered with bombs and guarded by the Green Goblin, in an attempt to ... well, I never did figure out what exactly. When you get to the top of the building there's this staticky glowing TV screen thing that you can't latch onto, you can latch onto the areas around it but when you do absolutely nothing happens. I think the designers may not have even bothered to program a conclusion to the levels. Anyway, the only thing Spider-Man can do in this one is shoot his web rope up, or diagonally upwards to the left or right. You have to time your shots so that you hit a solid wall, and Spider-Man will pull himself up to that point. Hit open air or an open window, however, and Spidey goes into free fall (which can be recovered by launching a web and hitting another solid point while falling). Along the way up the building you must move from side to side periodically to avoid the bombs and the Green Goblin (who is just kind of air surfing from side to side, I don't know if he even realizes that Spidey is there), as well as navigate girders. There's six buildings to choose from, with different colors and featuring progressively more bombs and Green Goblin clones surfing around.

The game isn't much of a challenge - for much of the buildings you can just shoot straight up with few obstacles, the Goblin is slow and predictable, and the bombs have an extremely limited range when they explode. So what's the high point of the game? Well, bringing Spidey up to the top then falling some 50 stories to a horrid death is pretty amusing.

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