PITFALL! / Activision / Atari 2600

Ah, Pitfall ... best game on the 2600? Arguably (though not by me.) First real platformer? I dunno bud, I don't get paid to do this, that level of research is too much for me.

I will say it's one of the most imaginative games on the 2600, and initially one of the most fun, but wears thin rather quickly as there's almost no challenge except for trying to jump three crocodile heads in a row before they open their mouths on you, and the samey obstacles repeat themselves far too often. Not much in the way of rewards for ol' Pitfall Harry either - first you pick up a bag of cash, then a ring, then apparently it goes back to the cash again. The point totals get larger but the cycle apparently just repeats itself forever until the 20 minute time limit runs dry. Unless you really dig trying to beat high scores over and over and over, there's just not much on offer here.

Still, it was a pretty important milestone for console gaming. One of the first games on the 2600 with scrolling screens, real level layout and actual background graphics. And the gameplay is pretty smooth too.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video